Every company in system can use Seasoo API. Each company has one API key. Only Admin can see this API key. This key can be found at Company Setting-> Company-> API Key.

All http requests sent to system are stateless. Session will be not saved. Each request should be sent together with API key in


curl http://companyid.seasoo.net/api/Invoice?api_key={value}

Or in HTTP-Header

curl –H 'X-api_key:{value}'  http://companyid.seasoo.net/api/Invoice


Note: if API key is sent in HTTP-parameter with filter, then api_key parameter must be at first position, and then filter with format:


E.g. curl http://companyid.seasoo.net/api/Invoice?api_key=YKDnKIYTzwkbhSP&state=0